2023 - Season School

NW 04. Inclusive Education 2023 EERA Summer School „Inclusive approaches to educational research“ took place 12 - 14 July 2023 at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. The Summer School partners were Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade, with the support of Centre for the promotion of science, Škograd research centre and Educational Research Association of Serbia.

2023 - NW 04 Special Call

"Fostering the value of diversity through research on inclusive education"

2022 - Change in Link Convenor

Michelle Proyer (University of Vienna, Austria), Deputy Link Convenor since 2018, took over as Link Convenor from Fabio Dovigo (Aarhus University, Denmark) after ECER 2022.

2022 - NW 04 Special Call

"Expanding the debate on inclusive education: How can we overcome competing tensions in the global education agenda?"

2021 NW 04 - Special Call

"Unlocking education: developing inclusive education in exclusionary times."

2021 - Project

A Network Project already planned and approved in 2018 with the title "Forced Migration and the Global Education 2030 Agenda: From educational research to policy and practice” had to be postponed due to the Brexite and Covid 19 crisis. The Preseminar of ECER 2021 in Geneva is a collaboration of the EERA Networks 04, 07 and 20.

2020 - Network Activities during #ReconnectingEERA week

Over three mornings (26-28 August)Network 04 offered presentations of papers, posters and symposia submitted to ECER 2020.Three parallel sessions addressing various topics related to inclusive education were held every morning, followed by a Network Business Meeting on Friday.

2019 - Special Call

NW 04 offered the special call at ECER 2019: Inclusion at risk: Working with vulnerable students in challenging educational environments.

2018 - Change in Link Convenor

Fabio Dovigo (Aarhus University, Denmark) and Michelle Proyer (University of Vienna, Austria) took over from Liz  Todd and Katja Petry as new Link Convenor/Deputy Link Convenor after ECER 2018.

2018 - Project

NW 04 offered a one-day seminar "Enhancing Teacher Education for Inclusion in Europe: Current challenges and future directions"  seminar which brought together early career and established European academics to share current research and establish new collaborations.

2016 - Project

NW 04 organised a seminar "Challenges and Opportunities in Education for Refugees in Europe – A review of European Research and Good Practices" EERA provided funds for accomodation and subsitence for speakers.

2015 - 2018 Deputy Convenors

Gottfried Biewer (2015 - 2016) and Katja Petry (from 2015 - 2018) acted as Deputy Link Convenors.

2014 - Change in Link Convenor

In 2014 Liz Todd was elected Link Convenor in Network 4.

2009 - Change in Link Convenor

From 2009 - 2013 Sip Jan Phil served as Link Convenor for Network 4.

2005 - Change in Link Convenor

From 2005 - 2008 Dora Bjarnason served as Link Convenor for Network 4.

2002 - Change in Link Convenor

Since 2002 Julie Allan acted as Link Convenor for network 4.

2000 - Change of Name

In 2000 the title of the network changed into 'Inclusive Education'.

1996 - Network Founded

The research network was established in 1996 under Dr. Hugh Gash as Link convenor.

NW 04 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw04-subscribe(at)lists.eera-ecer.de

Interview with Link Convenor 2019