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“Inclusive approaches to educational research”

The summer school “Inclusive approaches to educational research” was held 12 - 14 July 2023 in Belgrade, Serbia. The international and interdisciplinary team of lecturers, moderators, and tutors, 30 participants from 19 countries, and a diverse network of volunteers shared their experiences, knowledge, and hopes. Through three days of the summer school we explored what is the role of research and researchers in maintaining power asymmetries and how can we move from the exercise of power asymmetry to the transfer of power through research. But also we acknowledged the importance of collaboration, caring, and community for designing and delivering meaningful research. In the future, we intend to continue building a community that nurtures hope, but also to call for action those who have the power to support the agency of this community. So, stay tuned!

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The summer school is organized as a collaboration between EERA’s network for inclusive education and the Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade, with the support of UNICEF Serbia.

Publications: EJIE - European Journal of Inclusive Education

The European Journal of Inclusive Education is the official journal of the Inclusive Education Network, founded in 1996 and affiliated to the EERA European Educational Research Association.

The European Journal of Inclusive Education provides an open-access forum for the exploration of issues associated with inclusive education across the age-range. Its focus is international and multi-disciplinary. It seeks studies that explore the ways in which our education systems impact upon the experience of a broad range of learners. We are interested in articles that are relevant to a wide audience and that contribute to discussions within the pages of this journal. We encourage studies approaching learners from a diversity perspective (rather than categorical view of learners). Finally, we aim to favour interdisciplinary and intersectional connections with research on diversity in education and, more broadly, in the social sciences area.

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Plans to set up social media presence and Summer School at University of Belgrade (, changes in convenor group

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