Network Activities


We worked on preparing the special call ‘Unlocking education: developing inclusive education in exclusionary times' for the meeting. 34 presentations at ECER 21 were related to the call. We also organised the general EERA session ‘Between One World And The Next: New Strategies For Improving Refugee Education In A Post-Covid Era’, which was attended by several participants, as well as from other EERA networks.


Every year the network receives a large number of papers that offer a broad overview of research on inclusive education developed in Europe and beyond. With this in mind, during the network meeting we discussed the idea of launching a new open access journal on inclusive education, which can leverage from the contributions to the conference. Participants in the meeting positively evaluated the proposal. Some of them volunteered to support the convenors in discussing and setting up the many aspects involved by establishing the new journal in the next few months.

Future Plans

As mentioned, we will work on establishing a new open access journal on inclusive education. Another relevant topic raised during the network meeting is the level of accessibility of ECER conferences to people with disabilities. We agreed to form an internal panel of researchers (open to all EERA networks) interested in debating and formulating a proposal to improve accessibility to ECER. The proposal will identify potential initiatives in this regard to be submitted to EERA for further discussion. Future plans also include: The organisation of the seminar in Yerevan “Forced Migration and The Global Education 2030 Agenda: From educational research to policy and practice” in collaboration with NWs 7 and 20; Preparation of the Network Season School ‘Participatory approaches to Educational Research’ to be held at the University of Belgrade, Serbia on July 2023.

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Interview with Link Convenor 2019