Grounded Theory with ATLAS.ti

Time Thursday 9:00 - 10:30
Location Faculty of Law - Room 12
Speakers Susanne Friese
Chair Susanne Friese

Do you want to conduct a Grounded Theory (GT) study and would like to analyze your data using CAQDAS? In contemporary books on qualitative methods you find pointers and references to computer-assisted analysis, but little on how to translate manual ways of going about analysis to a computer-assisted way. It seems as it would be self-explanatory. In this workhop you will learn how to implement grounded theory analysis with the support ATLAS.ti. What does "coding" mean in a computer environment? How can GT open coding or axial coding be implemented? How and with what type of tools can memo writing be integrated? Thus, you will learn how the various aspects of the methodology can be translated into software tools. In the workshop, you will practice some of the steps, others I will demonstrate by way of an example.

Presentation and hands-on using ATLAS.ti on your laptop.

Expected Outcomes

You will get some ideas on how to apply Grounded Theory methodology when using ATLAS.ti to analyse your data.


Friese, Susanne  (2019). Grounded Theory Analysis and CAQDAS: A happy pairing or remodeling GT to QDA? In: Antony Bryant and Kathy Charmaz (eds.). The SAGE Handbook of Current Developments in Grounded Theory. Chapter 14. London: SAGE.
Friese, Susanne (2019). Qualitative Data Analysis With ATLAS.ti (3rd edition). London: Sage

Friese, Susanne (2016). CAQDAS and Grounded Theory Analysis. MMG Working Paper 16-07).


Please bring a laptop to the workshop. If you do not have a license yet, please install the demo version in advance:

Places are limited, please ensure your participation via email to: susanne.friese(at)

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