Programme Changes during ECER 2019

Changes and Cancellations for Thursday, 5 September (Session 09 - Session 13)

Session Paper ID Action Author Title
17 SES 12 A: Money, money, money ... 2817 withdrawal Lisa Rosen Rasmussen Through the Touch, Taste and Smell of Chocolate: Building Curricula between Public Schools and Private Companies
24 SES 12: Sense of Belonging, Meaningfulness and Participation 2832 withdrawal Maria Pacheco Figueiredo Children, Books and Ideas: Children's Literature and Mathematical Learning in Initial Early Childhood Teacher Education
16 SES 13 A: ICT and Learning Environments 431 withdrawal Dr. Carina Girvan Constructionist Pedagogy in Virtual Worlds
31 SES 09 C 1410 from 31 SES 16 B now in 31 SES 09 C Dr. Rafael Carballo Towards Inclusion In Higher Education: A Faculty Training Program
04 SES 09 E: Teachers And Classroom Practices: Inclusion And Diversity Working with the 'Hard To Reach' Students 2659 withdrawal Felix Buchhaupt Potentials Of Inclusive Education In The Discourse On Qualification And Professionalization. Inclusion As Community-Forming Object Of Pedagogy For All.
15 SES 11: Partnerships in primary and pre-school education 508 withdrawal Dr. Françoise Maria Capacchi How to Develop Critical Thinking, Creativity and Citizenship In A Primary Classroom, By A Partnership combining Art And Philosophy
07 SES 11 A: Inclusion of Newcomers and Refugees Part 4 466 withdrawal Seyda Subasi Singh Refugee and Local Teachers in Emergency Education: A Case Study About Teacher Experiences
26 SES 13 A: Looking Leadership To Support Teaching 1569 withdrawal Alianne Bakker Differentiation in Today’s Diverse Classrooms, Teachers’ Experienced Satisfaction in Basic Psychological Needs and the Support of their Principal

Changes and Cancellations for Friday, 6 September (Session 14 - Session 17)

Session Paper ID Action Author Title
10 SES 16 C: Research on Values, Beliefs & Understandings in Teacher Education 2744 PAPER IS NOW IN SESSION 10 SES 16 C Dr. Nick Clough Developing Teachers' Capacity For Justifying Curriculum Innovation Through Classroom Enquiries. Exploring The Richness of Collaborative Music Making For Relational Health
10 SES 17 F: Research on Teacher Educators 1214 withdrawal Lisa Otto The Teacher Training Module „German As A Second Language“ And His Teacher Trainers
02 SES 16 B: Higher and Adult Education III: Changes and Significance 2861 withdrawal Dr. Shaun Rawolle The Significance of Higher Vocational Education in Federated Systems: Examining challenges to Social Settlements in Australia and Europe
08 SES 16 B: Role of education in relation to prevention issues 3630 session changed from 18 SES 17 JS to 08 SES 16 B Dr. Verónica C. Cala Assets in health of Spanish students and Moroccan immigrants from southern Spain
31 SES 14 B: How Do Learners Experience and Negotiate the Language Classroom Environment 1163 changed session from 31 SES 16 B to 31 SES 14 B: How Do Learners Experience and Negotiate the Language Classroom Environment Prof. Heidi Harju-Luukkainen Instructional Strategies in Early Swedish Immersion in Finland
26 SES 16 B: Leadership and School Development in Diverse, Underperforming Contexts: Evidence-based policies, values and practices in the U.S., Sweden, Germany and Australia 1482 withdrawal   Comparison of State and Private School Administrators’ Innovation Management Skills According to Teachers’ Opinion
23 SES 16 C: Varieties of Schooling 1793 withdrawal Dr. Jakob Billmayer Inside or Outside the System - Swedish Free Schools Self-descriptions and Differentiation Strategies
To cover and document the conference from a student’s perspective, Josephine Hohberg, a masterstudent in Hamburg, will blog and report on her #ECER2019 experience.
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