Issues Of "Openness" – BarCamp On Related Experiences, Issues And Challenges

Time Tuesday 15:15 - 16:45
Location VMP 8 - Room 106
Speakers Rummler, Klaus; Nägele, Christof
Chair Christof Schindler

Open Access, Open Science, Open Educational Resources and Practices as well as other issues of "Openness" are controversially discussed and circulated within the European Educational Sciences communities. Especially but not only, Open Access and changing practices in academic publishing, as well as Open Educational Resources, and Open Science are challenging traditional and established practices of our daily work. This move to make science more open offers new opportunities but raises various questions, too. Uncertainties surrounding these issues may impose concerns to colleagues in Educational Sciences. Likewise, various institutions, departments, and colleagues have already established good and fruitful practices with some of those issues of "Openness". The EERA offers this innovative exchange on those new issues to eventually develop a joint position.

In this EERA session, we want to share our positive experiences but also discuss some problematic and hot issues. We feel that it is necessary to exchange ideas with interested colleagues from all networks in a relatively low-threshold way. To facilitate this exchange and the discussion on "Openness", we will adapt the BarCamp-format which allows participants to share their ideas and concerns actively and to have their issues discussed during the session. Experts may give their expertise and share experiences, too. BarCamp is a format of un-conferencing, where particular topics and presentations are not organised by a centralised leadership, but instead, they form themselves in before or during the session.

Topics that bother the initiators (chairs) are for example "financing platinum open access journals", or "experiences in editorial workflows in Open Access and Open Educational Resources". What are your topics and questions?

We kindly invite you to join us on, and to share your questions and topics you want to raise during the session. Please share your Twitter name in addition to your topics in the document. To refer to this session on Twitter, please use #ECER2019_OA. You are invited to announce, share and discuss your issues on "Openness" on twitter using #ECER2019_OA.

The open, innovative format of this EERA session and the discussion aims at including the ideas, visions and concerns of all participants, and seeks to draw a picture of the state of the debate on Open Science. The discussion will be supported by a collaborative writing document ( and tools to record and share ideas. Thus, the documentation and results of this EERA session will be available to all networks to start or deepen a discussion on Open Science and related topics. We see this EERA session as kind of a kick-off event to get into a debate and to eventually develop an EERA vision on Open Access, Open Educational Resources and Open Science. The BarCamp will be accompanied by the panel discussion "Open Science at the European Educational Science Landscape - Activities and Challenges" and an Open Science/Open Access-stand alongside the publishers, where initiatives are invited to present their ideas and journals are invited to present themselves through brochures and leaflets. We are welcoming everybody who is involved or affected by Openness in the field of Educational Sciences for creating a space of fruitful discussions.

EERA Going Green

As part of the commitment of EERA to ensuring that our annual European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) is as sustainable as possible, we were delighted to work with the local organisers of our Hamburg 2019 conference to develop our 'Green Agenda'.  Watch this videoto learn more!

To cover and document the conference from a student’s perspective, Josephine Hohberg, a masterstudent in Hamburg, will blog and report on her #ECER2019 experience.
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