Network Activities


NW27 has not planned any specific activities between ECERs yet, since researchers in the field are active at many other levels: in every country, there are national associations for research in didactics; there are also international associations for research in subject education (e.g. CERME, ESERA, etc.). Many symposiums presented in the network reflect research developed in collaboration between researchers participating to NW27 on a regular basis. Hence NW27 functions as a nest for discussing the outcomes of funded projects (either at national or international level) and setting up new ones (at international level).


Network 27 offers various opportunities for publishing papers presented during ECERs.

As a reference for prospective participants in the network, a special issue on "Comparing, Combining and Fostering Conceptual Frameworks in Didactics" was published in 2018 in the European Education Research Journal (EERJ) for the 10th. anniversary of Network 27. Guest editors: Florence Ligozat and Jonas Almqvist.

As follow up of the network activities, two book projects are on the way for publication by international publishers:

  • Gender in Learning and Teaching: Feminist Dialogues across International Boundaries. Manuscript submitted to Routledge Publishers in Autumn 2018. Editors: Carol Taylor, Andrea Abbas, and Chantal Amade-Escot.
  • Didactics in a Changing World. European Perspectives on Learning, Teaching and the Curriculum". Book proposal accepted by the EERA Book series editorial panel / to be published by Routledge. Editors: Florence Ligozat, Jonas Almqvist, Anatoli Rakhkochkine, Kirsti Klette

Participants to NW27 are regularly invited to publish in three journals that are rather specific to the field of Didactics / learning and teaching, subject didactics and curriculum:

Future Plans

At ECER 2019 in Hamburg, Network 27 will launch a new special call on “The Collaboration between Researchers and Teachers in Didactical Research”. Leaders: Jonas Almqvist (Uppsala university), Benoît Lenzen (University of Geneva), Anette Olin (Göteborg University).
Abstract: There is an increasing interest in didactical research for studies of teaching and learning performed in collaboration between researchers and teachers. With this special call, Network 27 wants to highlight the results produced in this line of research, as well as the challenges it leads to. The main topics will be the following: (1) empirical findings relating to the unfolding of dialogue between teachers and researchers (2) comparisons between different models for design-based didactical research, (3) epistemological and ethical views of knowledge, participation, recognition and symmetry and asymmetry between participants and (4) development of methodological issues.
Papers and symposiums are very welcome on this topic!

At forthcoming ECERs (2019 and beyond), we are also interested in developing a topic about “Corporeality and embodiment related to the specificity of knowledge in teaching and Learning”. Interested researchers may get in touch with Isabelle Mili (convenor in NW27, University of Geneva).

NW 27 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw27-subscribe(at)

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