Network Activities


NW27 has not planned any specific activities between ECERs yet, since researchers in the field are usually very active at many other levels: in every country, there are national associations for research in didactics; there are also international associations for research in subject education (e.g. CERME, ESERA, etc.). Many symposiums presented in the network reflect research developed in collaboration between researchers participating to NW27 on a regular basis. Hence NW27 functions as a nest for discussing the outcomes of funded projects (either at national or international level) and setting up new ones (at international level).


The Network 27 offers various opportunities for publishing papers presented during ECERs.

  • Following up an open call to the network participants in February 2018, we are now in the process of writing the chapters of the book “Didactics in a Changing World. European Perspectives on Learning, Teaching and the Curriculum' / to be published in the EERA Intersdisciplinary Book Series (Springer). Editors: Florence Ligozat, Jonas Almqvist, Anatoli Rakhkochkine, Kirsti Klette.
  • A book project is also planned by Jonas Almqvist, Benoît Lenzen and Anette Olin to reflect advanced contributions to the network 2019 Special call “On the collaboration between teachers and researchers in didactical research”. Participants to NW27 are also regularly invited to publish in three journals that are rather specific to the field of Didactics / learning and teaching, subject didactics and curriculum:

Prospective participants may also browse our previous publications to understand the past and current discussions within Network 27

Future Plans

At ECER 2020, we welcome follow up contributions about the Special Call “On the collaboration between teachers and researchers”. Since collaborative research in didactics is at the cornerstone of classroom research, teacher professional development, curriculum innovation and change in school organisation, joint sessions with NW 03 (Curriculum Innovations), NW10 (Teacher Education) and NW 32 (Organizational Education) may be organised. Link to the Call: In relation to the ECER 2020 general theme “Educational Research (Re)connecting Communities”, we also welcome papers exploring how didactic research may shed a specific light on the societal challenges that the teachers encounter in the classroom: cultural diversity, gender and social inequities, sustainable development, citizenship, etc. How do the teachers deal with the political decisions and curriculum policies on these issues? Is it about teaching new contents? Or it is about teaching contents with a different perspective? What are the consequences for the students?

NW 27 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw27-subscribe(at)

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