Math & The City: A special offer for kids and math nerds

This tour of the campus of Universität Hamburg invites students and all other interested persons to a mathematical exploration tour. At various places on campus, you will solve mathematical tasks to crack the Maths Agent's secret code. To scan the QR code, simply download the Actionbound App.

Place: University Campus, anytime
Suggested age: primary school, year 3-4 and above
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EERA Going Green

As part of the commitment of EERA to ensuring that our annual European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) is as sustainable as possible, we were delighted to work with the local organisers of our Hamburg 2019 conference to develop our 'Green Agenda'.  Watch this videoto learn more!

To cover and document the conference from a student’s perspective, Josephine Hohberg, a masterstudent in Hamburg, will blog and report on her #ECER2019 experience.
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Upcoming ECERs

ECER'24, Nicosia
ECER'25, Belgrade
ECER'26, Tampere
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