Free Time on Campus

Sustainability, the University and me (Wednesday - Thursday)
In the context of ECER 2019, the LOC has organized the seminar „Sustainability, the university and me" at the Universität Hamburg in the summer semester 2019. The students' projects will be presented at ECER 2019 in the form of posters and 3 activities open to ECER 2019 participants.
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Film screening and discussion: selfless (Wednesday 13:00 - 15:00)
"selfless is the documentary that opens conversation to the ever growing epidemic with selfies, social media and technology. However this is not an anti technology film but rather a reflection on our devices and how we can help youth live strong and healthy in this new time".

Director Kim Laureen will be at the screening to present the film and answer questions.
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#RaiseTheBar - the initiative born from the film "selfless"  (Tuesday - Thursday)
"Believe in your ability to #BreakTheCycle in your own school or community – because when you #RaiseTheBar that can change everything."

The director of the documentary "selfless" and the producer Megan Dirksen will be present to answer questions and explore the #RaiseTheBar initiative with ECER participants.
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University Sports Service (Monday - Friday)
For only 15 € you can book a 7-day-pass (valid from 2 to 8 September 2019) to enjoy the Hochschulsport’s wide range of courses or gym facilities.
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Photo Exhibition "Mensch – Arbeit – Handicap" (human - work - disability)
Work plays a central role in life in contemporary society. And thus also for inclusion, the equal participation of people with disabilities. From 30 August to 28 September, 16 excellent photographic works on this subject will be exhibited on campus in the meadow behind the faculty of education (VMP8).
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Special Offer for ECER-Kids (Wednesday 9:00 - 12:00)
The Digitalwerkstatt (“digital workshop”) is offering a special workshop for ECER-kids: “Creative Coding” (in English, for children from 9 to 14 years) will take place on Wednesday, 4 September from 09:00 to 12:00.
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This tour of the campus of Universität Hamburg invites students and all other interested persons to a mathematical exploration tour.
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EERA Going Green

As part of the commitment of EERA to ensuring that our annual European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) is as sustainable as possible, we were delighted to work with the local organisers of our Hamburg 2019 conference to develop our 'Green Agenda'.  Watch this videoto learn more!

To cover and document the conference from a student’s perspective, Josephine Hohberg, a masterstudent in Hamburg, will blog and report on her #ECER2019 experience.
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Upcoming ECERs

ECER'24, Nicosia
ECER'25, Belgrade
ECER'26, Tampere
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