Official Statements

EERA concerns on Hungarian plans to abolish Gender Studies
EERA Council and Executives are concerned about the Hungarian government’s proposed law to abolish accredited MA programs in gender studies in Hungary and wirte to the Hungarian Minister of Human Capacities.
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The EU Council is about to adopt the next Multiannual Financial Framework, setting up the Union budget for 2021-27, as well as the funds allocation for each one of the main chapters, namely Agriculture policy, Cohesion and Competitiveness. EERA and other research associations have therefore endorsed a manifesto asking to recognize research and research based innovation as the main drivers of EU competitiveness and growth.
- 16.04.2018 -
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A People’s Union research challenge in the 9th Framework Programme
Together, Civil Society Europe (CSE) and the European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities (EASSH) call for an ambitious investment in FP9 for a grand challenge to achieve a People’s Union, covering research addressing EU citizens' main concerns.
- 22.3.2018 -
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Lifelong Learning Platform
EERA supports the LLLPs position paper on the "Future of Learning". Building bridges between all forms and sectors of learning is the future of learning in Europe.
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EERA’s response to EASSH "FP9 must invest in Research for a Democratic Union"
The central message of the response of the EERA to the #FP9 consultations is that EERA is happy with the inclusion of a recommendation about education and the emerging consensus of the necessity to use the Programme to enhance the social aspect of Europe in the coming years. EERA further welcomes the initiative by EASSH to develop a common platform to bring the insights and concerns of the broad community of social science and humanities (SSH) researchers to the Commission.
- 10.2.2018 -
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The central message of the response of the European Educational Research Association (EERA) to the High Level Group’s recommendations is that EERA is happy with the inclusion of the third recommendation about education. However, we consider that the background of this recommendation is too limited and that, unfortunately, the vital role of educational research for improving education and society has been ignored. We believe an opportunity is being missed to incorporate within the 9th Framework the role of education and educational research as a critical source of solutions for the great societal challenges of our times; (youth) unemployment, migration, terrorism, (social) inequalities, and political extremism.
- 26.10.2017 -
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EERA Supports Open Letter "EU copyright reform threatens Open Access and Open Science"
EERA supports an international coalition who wants to halt the adoption of harmful provisions found in the current draft of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, and certain amendments, which could threaten Open Access and Open Science
- 22.2.2018 -
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EERA e.V. would like to express its support for the EuroScience Press Release: Open Letter on recent developments in science in the US. - 15.2.2017 -
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The EUROPEAN COMMISSION has sent a first response to the EuroScience Open Letter "European science organisations: maintain transparency, open communication and mobility of scholars and scientists".
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The executive board of EERA as a learned society in educational research is deeply concerned about recent reports of infringements of academic freedom in Turkey, in particular in the aftermath of the recent attempt at a coup d’état. - August 2016 -
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EERA Constitution

Please note, as EERA is organised as a German eingetragener Verein, the German version of the constitution is legally binding.