How to Apply

All authors of proposals submitted to the Emerging Researchers’ Conference will receive an invitation to apply for a bursary. Please note that the option to submit your bursary application will only be open from 2 February – 29 February. Between these dates, the application form will be available within Conftool, where you also submitted your proposal, see information below.

Please first read the Notes for Bursary Applicants carefully.

Before starting the application process in Conftool please prepare:

  • Your Case for why you need an EERA bursary
    You are required to explain (in 600 words or less) why you are applying for a bursary (e.g. financial situation, employment status, what you hope to gain by attending ERC and ECER). Please refrain from explaining what your research is about. The text can be copied into one field of the application form.
  • Supervisor Support Letter, as PDF (10 megabytes max)
    A scanned copy (in pdf format) of the original, signed letter (ideally on university paper) from your supervisor detailing their understanding of your need for an EERA Bursary with regard to the quality of your proposed contribution, and the value that you can bring to the ERC. The document is to be uploaded by you to the Conftool platform before the deadline. It is your responsibility to do this on time. We do not accept references any other way. Please note that only scanned copies (in pdf format) of original, signed letters will be accepted.
    Guidelines for Supervisor Support Letter
  • A scan of your passport as PDF (10 megabytes max).

The Submission Form:
Applications need to be submitted via your user account in Conftool, where you already submitted your ERC proposal. To access the bursary application form, please go to Your Submissions and click on ECER Bursaries for Emerging Researchers' Conference Presenters. Co-authors need to create their onw user account via which they can then submit their application.

For technical reasons, the application form is organised as a standard conference submission. That means that if you have already handed in two proposals, you will not be able to open the application form. In that case, please inform the EERA Office, we will then enable your user account for a third submission.

In the form, you will also be asked for your Conftool Paper ID number (please do not include your Conftool User ID number) and the title of your paper proposal to ERC, current studies for which bursary is sought, expected graduation date and your nationality.

After completing the form and clicking Proceed to step 2, you will be able to upload the two files.

Please do not forget to click Save Submission after uploading your files. You will receive a confirmation email right after that.

You will be able to edit your application until the end of the deadline on 29 February 2024. Please note that no late application will be considered as applications for EERA bursaries are highly competitive.